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Paris Agreement 2015
Paris Agreement 2015 Upsc on Climate Change and its Target
The Paris agreement on climate change is a bottom up mechanism based on NDCs. By reducing global warming below 2°C and following efforts to restrict it...
List Of Launch Vehicle Of India And Their Uses
A launch vehicle often referred to as a rocket, is a vehicle designed to carry payloads such as satellites, spacecraft, scientific instruments, or even...
solar panel on roof
Intended Nationally Determined Contributions UPSC
INDC is National plan of action which is to be developed by all the participants to deal with climate change. These are bottom up mechanisms. All the countries...
Kyoto Protocol UPSC
Kyoto Protocol UPSC Notes and its Three Flexible Mechanisms
Kyoto protocol to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, which addresses different aspects of climate change like mitigation on finance,...
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