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chimney emitting smoke
The Process Of Unconventional Natural Gas Production, India
What is Shale GasIt is a rock which is hard, impervious where methane is trapped. It extraction is done by using fracking or hydraulic fracturing where...
waste to energy upsc
Waste To Energy Plant, Conversion And Technology (UPSC)
Waste to energy programme is one of the flagship programmes of the government of India.  Around 70% of India’s population is expected to live...
types of cyber security
Introduction To Cyber Security And Cyber Crime And Its Types
In this digital era, where technology is an important part of our lives one should always look out for digital dangers and online scams. Just like when...
Blockchain Technology UPSC
What is Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency?
Blockchain technology is an open-distributed digital ledger technology every participant on the network is called node. To add information on the it there...
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