The Process Of Unconventional Natural Gas Production, India

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What is Shale Gas

It is a rock which is hard, impervious where methane is trapped. It extraction is done by using fracking or hydraulic fracturing where a vertical drill is made followed by a horizontal drill then a mixture of water, sand and gum is pumped at a very high pressure which results in the development of the cracks to cause the release of the methyl hydride. It has one big environmental issue that it requires lot of water and the backflow of the H2O contaminates the underground water that is the reason which led France Belgium and Luxembourg to banned its exploration.

Shale Gas Production US Canada China
US Energy Information Administration, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In India 176 blocks have been identified in six basin :

  1. Assam, Arakhan
  2. Cambay
  3. Cauvery
  4. Gondwana
  5. Indo Gangetic Plain
  6. Krishna Godavari

Coal Bed Methane

Methane is adsorbed on the surface of coal rocks. Under pressure of water and the weight of the coal rocks. For the extraction of it dewatering is used i.e. H2O is removed as a result the pressure reduces and desorption takes place. The production of natural gas declines rapidly because the quantity of gas is less therefore more wells have to be drilled which requires more land acquisition.

Gas Hydrate

They are found in permafrost region and continental shelves. In these regions under high pressure and low temperature conditions methane is trapped by the H2O molecules. It is considered as the most dense source.

As of now there is no commercial production of gas hydrate but some exploration has been carried out by US in Alaska but the cost was found to be prohibitive.

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What is the process of unconventional natural gas production?

Using a special stimulation technique, like hydraulic fracturing, or other special recovery process and technology.

What are three sources of unconventional natural gas?

Shale gas, Coal Bed Methane and Gas Hydrate

What are the 4 processes of natural gas?

4 process of Natural Gas are  extraction, removals, separation, liquifying

What is an unconventional form of natural gas upsc?

Shale Gas, Coal bed Methane

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