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Different Types Of Immunity And Their Examples
Immunity is a defense mechanism which human bodies generate or receive to fight against diseases. It is a body’s ability to resist or protect itself from...
red blood cell
4 Types Of Animal Tissue And Examples
Animal tissue organization is a complex and targeted towards mobility of animals, most of the them are living. Growth is not limited to areas. It required...
plant tissues
What Is Plant Tissue And Its Types?
Plant Tissue is a organization which is simple and targeted towards the stationery habit of plants. Many of the them are dead. For example, Cork. Growth...
biofuel gas plant
What Are Biofuels UPSC, Types, Generations And Advantages?
Biofuels is any hydrocarbon fuel that is created in a short amount of time- days, weeks, or even months from organic matter (living or once-living material).Types...
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