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cosmos space
What Is Dark Matter, Dark Energy And Antimatter UPSC (2023)
Albert Einstein once said that nothing exists in the void. By that he meant those regions in outer space which seem to be lacking of matter are actually...
iran flag
Iran Nuclear Deal, Restrictions and Important Locations
Iran Nuclear Deal also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action , Iran is a member of NPT therefore it has an obligation as well as right. The...
types of satellites
Satellites And Its Types And Their Uses In Simple Terms
Satellites are like digital messengers, transmitting signals across the globe, connecting people and places. They make long distance phone calls possible,...
injection in apple
Genetically Modified Crops In India Examples (UPSC)
We all have heard a lot about genetically modified Mustard, Bt Cotton and know how famous Golden Rice is. But how did these crops come into existence and...
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