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What is aestivation, Types of aestivation
What Is Aestivation In Plants And Its 5 Type (Diagram)?
Aestivation in plants refers to how the sepals and petals in a floral bud are arranged in relation to other members of the same whorl in plants. It specially...
cell respiration
What Is Aerobic And Anaerobic Respiration In Simple Terms?
In Aerobic respiration complete oxidation of respiratory substrate takes place which usually takes place in the presence of oxygen. It is carried out in...
Anti satellite Missile
Mission Shakti UPSC And Anti Satellite Missile System
What is mission shakti ?India is one of the four countries to have successfully tested a anti-satellite missile. The others are the USA, Russia and...
android operating system
Bharos Operating System Mobile, Made In India (Download)
In today’s global market of mobiles and computers operating system most are dominated by three big companies i.e. Google, Apple and Microsoft. Google’s...
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