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Anti satellite Missile
Mission Shakti UPSC And Anti Satellite Missile System
What is mission shakti ?India is one of the four countries to have successfully tested a anti-satellite missile. The others are the USA, Russia and...
android operating system
Bharos Operating System Mobile, Made In India (Download)
In today’s global market of mobiles and computers operating system most are dominated by three big companies i.e. Google, Apple and Microsoft. Google’s...
dr vikram sarabhai
Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre, Biography And Organizations
Vikram Sarabhai is a very significant figure when it comes to India’s space program and research. He is the reason why India has excelled in its...
INC Vikrant 2022
INS Vikrant 2022 History, First Indian Aircraft Carrier
Aircraft Carrier is a warship with facilities for carrying, deploying and recovering aircrafts. During World War II aircraft carriers were widely used,...
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