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silicon valley of india
Why Bangalore Is Called Silicon Valley Of India?
Most of the people are not aware of the Silicon Valley of India term, especially those who are not interested in technology so when we hear this term many...
Digital Footprint
Digital Footprint Meaning In Computer, Types And Examples
You must have played the game of Hide and Seek. Well in the game you do your best to leave as little signs as possible when you’re hiding, right?...
What is aestivation, Types of aestivation
What Is Aestivation In Plants And Its 5 Type (Diagram)?
Aestivation in plants refers to how the sepals and petals in a floral bud are arranged in relation to other members of the same whorl in plants. It specially...
cell respiration
What Is Aerobic And Anaerobic Respiration In Simple Terms?
In Aerobic respiration complete oxidation of respiratory substrate takes place which usually takes place in the presence of oxygen. It is carried out in...
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