What Is GURTs In GM Crops, And Its Categories?

Vaccine. Hands of a scientist, under a sterile hood,

There are two classes of GURTs :

  • T-GURTs (trait-based GURTs) are GURTs in which the generated seeds are viable but the following generation lacks the desired agronomic trait.
  • V-GURTs, cause plants to generate seeds that are not viable.

The GURTs, however, might potentially be used for purposes other than seed protection to address agronomic issues. The use of GURTs as a technique to limit the gene flow of GM characteristics to related weeds is one of the most significant.

Additionally, it is suggested that this technology be used for integrated weed management by delaying the germination of GM seeds, which results in volunteer plants that compete with the targeted crop. Also, between agricultural seasons, these stray plants can act as new hosts for insects and viruses.

GURTs And Its Categories

GURTs has 2 categories- terminator also known as V-GURT and second is traitor also known as T-GURT.


It was developed by an American company Delta and Pineland. These seeds remain fertile only for one generation. The seeds harvested from them are infertile.

These seeds have been universally banned for the following reasons:

  1. The phenomenon of gene transfer will render the seeds of other vegetation infertile. This will pose a huge risk for the survival of life on the planet.
  2. It will lead to homogenization of agriculture based on a narrow gene pool. It will work well for some time but a single cycle of climate change or pest attack might prove catastrophic.
  3. It will make Indian farmers that much more vulnerable for exploitation by the multinational breeder companies.


Traitor also known as dirty seeds, addicted seeds. They were developed by Zeneca Limited by transferring a gene from rat into plant, because of the transferred gene the growth was restricted to restore the growth a specific chemical has to be sprayed on the crop.

The argument of the company is that they will include multiple attributes in a single seed. Farmers can choose a combination but according to that they have to spray the chemicals ,then only the character will be exhibited.


What is the full form of GURT?

Genetic use restriction technology.

What are genetic use restriction technologies?

Genetic use restriction technologies (GURTs) were created to protect the intellectual property of genetically modified (GM) crops and to guarantee the financial return on the industry’s investments in acquiring technology through seeds.

What is the use of Terminator seeds?

The terminator seed has the power to eradicate agricultural populations, reduce crop diversity, and pollinate surrounding crops with the sterile gene.

What is the difference between T GURT and V GURT?

T-GURTs (trait-based GURTs) are GURTs in which the generated seeds are viable but the following generation lacks the desired agronomic trait whereas Plants that produce nonviable seeds are known as V-GURTs (variety-based GURTs).

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