INS Vikrant 2022 History, First Indian Aircraft Carrier

INC Vikrant 2022

Aircraft Carrier is a warship with facilities for carrying, deploying and recovering aircrafts. During World War II aircraft carriers were widely used, these carriers are very important part for the naval defence of a country specially for those who have large maritime border like India, which have more than 7,000 kilometer (4,300 mi) maritime border shared with seven nations. Before INS Vikrant India didn’t have any aircraft carrier.

India’s First Aircraft Carrier

India purchased the Britain’s incomplete HMS Hercules carrier which was put on hold when the World War II was ended in 1957 and later its construction was completed in 1961 and was named INS Vikrant (IAC), this aircraft carrier played a major role in India’s victory in 1971 war with the Pakistan and served India naval till 1997 and dismantled later.

ins vikrant images
ins vikrant images

INS Vikrant 1971 War

This aircraft carrier played a crucial role in the1971 war with Pakistan, it helped in crushing ground movement and also blockading the East Pakistan, present Bangladesh. It also helped in preventing reinforcement of Pakistani forces from the sea.

Credit : Indian Army EasternCommand via Wikimedia Commons

INS Vikrant Bike

inc vikrant bike

iNS vikrant 2022

INS Vikrant 2022 is the first indigenous (made in India) aircraft carrier of India made by Cochin Shipyard Unlimited which is India’s biggest shipyard with an expense of ₹23000 crore, built from 2013-2022. It was launched on 12 August 2013 and joined the Indian navy army on 2 September, 2022. The motto of the ship is  “जयेम सं युधिस्पृध” which means “I defeat those who fight against me”, its pennant number is R11.

INS Vikrant Specifications


  • Its length is 860 ft, beam is 203 ft, height is 194 feet and its area is 2.5 acres.
  • Aircraft parked in the second floor hangar through the lift and ready to fight jets hangered on top deck.
  • It has two types of runway one for short take off and another for long take off which is indicated by yellow lines on the runway and has arrested landing.
  • Crew capacity : 196 officers and 1449 sailors (including air crew).
ins runways


  • Two Selex RAN radar for warning with a range of 400 km and Multi functional star radar.
  • Anti-radar system.
  • Communication of this warship is established through SATCOM satellite and Advanced Composite Communication System (ACCS) for communicating with aircrafts, submarines and coast.
  • Secondary Surveillance Radar for own jet plane position.
Credit : Narendrabora via Wikimedia Commons


  • It has around 1.10 Lakh horsepower.
  • Top speed is 52 km/h and can cover a distance of 15000 km in one time.
  • 4 General Electric LM2500 Gas Turbine (88 MW)
  • 2 Elecon COGAG Gearbox.

Weapons And Military Equipment

  • INS Vikrant can carry 36 Aircrafts include : Mig-29K, MiG-21K, Kamov Ka-31, MH-60R, HAL Dhruv and Chetak Helicopter
  • Electronic warfare : DRDO Shakti EW suite, Kavach anti-missile system, Maareech Advanced Torpedo System
  • Armament (Advance Weapons) : 32 cell VLS Barak-8 missiles, Otobreda 76mm dual purpose cannon and AK-630 CIWS.
Tejas landing on INS Vikrant
Credit : Government of India, GODL-India Wikimedia Commons


India has long maritime border and before IAC it had only one aircraft carrier i.e INS Vikramaditya which was not sufficient for border security, INS Vikrant strengthened the Indian navy defence incredibly with his immense advanced technology and aircraft carrying capacity. Now India is also planning to have 3rd Aircraft Carrier named INS Vishal.


What is the use of INS Vikrant?

INS Vikrant was used during war to protect the maritime border and it is very useful to launch aircrafts from the warship.

How many INS Vikrant does India have?

At present India only has one INS Vikrant.

Why was INS Vikrant so famous?

It became so famous because of its major role in defeating Pakistan in 1971, and INS Vikrant 2022 is famous because it is the first indigenous warship of India.

Is India making 3rd aircraft carrier?

India is planning to make 3rd aircraft carrier name INS Vishal.

What is ins vikrant full form ?

ins vikrant full form is the Indian Navy Ship Vikrant.

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