Artificial Intelligence Uses In Daily Life, Types And Evolution

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What is Artificial Intelligence exactly ? Well in simple words is that “it is the depiction of human behavior by the machines”. This concept  was given by Alan Turing. He said computers are the only machines capable of demonstrating human behavior. Human behavior includes memory, thinking, problem solving, forgetting, motivation, emotion, voice recognition, speech recognition, pattern  recognition, drawing the inferences , conclusions etc.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are two types of AI :

1. Narrow AI – in this case machines can perform better than human beings on one or two parameters. Narrow ai examples are blue gene which is a computer developed by IBM, these AI systems can perform better than human beings.

2. Generalized AI – Known as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) or simply called Singularity. They are expected to perform better than human beings on all the parameters. Generalized AI will help in realizing the ultimate goal of AI i.e. to develop an artificial person in the form of a fully autonomous humanoid robot.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Application Of Artificial Intelligence
Application Of Artificial Intelligence

AI in Medicine

It plays a significant role in medicine. AI has made some remarkable advancements in the last ten years in the medical field.

Some of the major roles of in medicine are :

  • Robot-assisted surgery, which uses AI to help in surgery, produces more flexible and accurate outcomes.
  • AI in medicine enhanced microscopes and machines help in the fast diagnosis of a disease.
  • The presence of Virtual Health assistant helps the patients, customers in making appointments, answering their problems and maintaining medical files and reports.
  • AI helps in developing new medications for rare and fatal diseases by studying and experimenting on the existing medicines.

AI in Business

The involvement of AI in Business and finance has given them a very growing edge.

  • AI helps in reducing the cost, increasing efficiency and also enhancing the productivity in terms of product, market and customers for a business.
  • Cybersecurity is an effective application of AI in business, every business requires a strong security network to protect their financial information, data and all the important numbers stored online regarding their business.
  • Cybersecurity would detect and remove unwanted data and can also spot any unnecessary activities taking place to ensure the complete security of the data.
  • Software such as ChatGPT helps in recognizing financial risks, trends in data, financial management, etc in Finance.
  • Algorithmic Trading a computer program uses complex mathematical formulas and models which helps in taking important financial decisions such as whether to sell a financial security asset or which share to buy.

AI in Education

AI in education has enhanced the way of teaching and learning. It made learning easy, flexible and adaptive for the students. Teachers are also able to manage their work and give better guidance to the children with the help of AI.

  • The computerized grading system helps the teachers to focus more on teaching rather than assigning and copying down the marks or grades.
  • Availability of personalized virtual tutors have made study easy and accessible from anywhere for the students.

 AI in Social Media

  • It helps in social media in securing billions of user profile data in various social networking sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook.
  • AI analyze current trends and anticipate future ones using headlines, hashtags, and other data,
  • It creates an algorithm pattern for the user according to which suitable posts and feeds are suggested to the user for keeping up with the relatable content.

AI in Nursing

AI in nursing has greatly affected the nurses and the medical field.

  • AI helps in easily storing large numbers of data and information which can be easily observed as whenever required by the nurses.
  • It helps the nurses to take care of their patients and to make better clinical decisions.
  • The presence of AI in nursing influenced electronic gadgets has made it possible for nurses to virtually have a complete report of their patients.
  • These devices can also trigger an alarm that activates when the patient’s vital signs and health indicators are out of the ordinary or abnormal.

AI in Sports

AI in sports has not just given viewers and audience to enjoy sports and matches in 3D from their homes but also helped the players in better performance and improved health.

  • Data science and AI in sports has helped the coaches and trainers in improving their players health and performance.
  • Players can have their personalized diet plans and exercise routines based on the data such as height, weight, cardio levels stored in AI influenced devices.
  • AI referees help in taking important steps regarding a certain goal. Points can be taken more accurately which helps in clear decision making and protects from rumors and controversies regarding a match or tournament.

AI in Robotics

Some of the uses of AI in Robotics are :

  • As already mentioned above robot assisted surgeries are taking place which are giving better results.
  • AI Robots are being used for many purposes such as cutting, manufacturing, washing, printing, welding, etc. in industries.
  • AI robots are also used in the cinema and movies, many times at the place of actors showing their walking and talking skills fluently.

Artificial intelligence Daily life Applications

The various applications which we use in our daily life are :

  • Videos such as shorts on YouTube, Reels on Instagram are all examples of AI applications. The AI follows an algorithm to make sure that a user is only able to watch relatable content on their feeds.
  • Face recognition, the way our mobile phones recognize our face is an example of AI. The AI technology memorizes and stores the characteristics and features of our face and matches it within seconds with the stored data.
  • Virtual Assistants such as Alexa, Google assistant are an example of Artificial Intelligence technology. With the help of it they listen to the speaker, play a certain song, set alarms and follow the command.
  • Nowadays AI is used by a lot of banks to get security against frauds and scams and for customer care.
  • Online Shopping, the AI personalizes our shopping preferences, it optimizes the search engine according to it so that it only recommends the similar type of products that we have liked.

Artificial Intelligence Problems

These AI systems are required for trans-humanism i.e. taking humanity to the next level.  The approach is to expand the routine jobs to the machines so that the human beings can follow their interest. But before the the AI system expanding the routine jobs, it is important that the skills should be upgraded, otherwise due to polarization of the skill set there will be large scale unemployment where mid level jobs will be gone and 2-3 percentage of the population with advanced skills will control the organizations and the vast majority of the population will be at the bottom. 

Some of the Artificial General Intelligence problems and risks are :  

  1. They lack natural language. Natural language allows the human being to make judgements, give decisions, draw conclusions etc.
  2. These AI systems have not passed the Turing Test i.e when human beings will fail to differentiate between the work of a man and work of a robot.
  3. AI systems cannot move from one architecture to another.
  4. The current AI systems have very high information processing capacity.
  • Artificial Neural Network(ANN) – These are the structures mimicking the functioning of the neurons. They have an input layer and an output layer to process the information. 
  • Machine learning 
  • Deep learning 


Artificial Intelligence Uses In Daily Life


What is artificial intelligence in simple words?

It is a machine representation of human behavior which encompasses things like memory, reasoning, problem-solving, forgetting, motivation, emotion, voice and speech recognition, pattern identification, and the ability to draw conclusions based on evidence.

What is of artificial intelligence?

The focus of the science is to building computers and other machines with the kind of reasoning, learning, and behavior that would typically need human intellect.

What are the 4 types of AI?

  • Narrow AI – AI in this case machines can perform better than human beings on one or two parameters.
  • Generalized AI – Known as AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) or it is also simply called as Singularity.
  • Reactive machines- that have no memory and are task specific.
  • Limited memory- The next type of AI in its evolution is limited memory.

Who is father of AI?

John McCarthy, because of his outstanding contributions to computer science and AI, he is referred to be the “father of artificial intelligence.” In the 1950s, McCarthy first used the term “artificial intelligence.”

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