Bharos Operating System Mobile, Made In India (Download)

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In today’s global market of mobiles and computers operating system most are dominated by three big companies i.e. Google, Apple and Microsoft. Google’s Android OS is used in 54.16% devices, Apple’s IOS in 12.37% and Microsoft’s Windows is used in 11.79% while remaining use some other operating system like India’s own operating system bharos.

India is gradually trying to decrease its dependency on China and western countries in terms of operating systems. In 2023 Indian government started developing their mobile operating system named IndOS to give competition to Android and IOS operating system before bharos mobile operating system, Indian government in 2015 also launched their operating system called Bharat Operating System Solutions commonly referred to as BOSS for computers which is still under development.

bharos mobile operating system
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BharOS mobile operating system

bharos os

Advantages of operating system bharOS

  • BharOS operating system mobile will provide freedom to users and more cyber security than Android.
  • There will be no pre-installed applications like we used to get when we purchased a new mobile from google.
  • It will drain less battery.
  • Bharos mobile operating system will also receive NOTA updates like the android operating system. In NOTA updates are automatically downloaded and installed on the device like security patches.
  • It will also have their own Private App Store Services (PASS) which will only have those applications which passes, a trustworthy application test.

Drawbacks Of bharos operating System mobile

  • Currently BharOS mobile operating system is not available for the general public.
  • Bharos operating system download is not available on any website and domain.
  • Only available to some organizations for security reasons but in future developers are planning to work with aims, private industries and telecom service providers to increase their usage.


bharos operating system

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Is BharOS better than Android?

It is developed on Google’s Android Open Source Project, mainly focused on privacy and security and doesn’t come with pre-installed apps like Google.

Who made BharOS?

IIT Madras director, Prof V Kamakoti (left) and JandK operations director Karthik Ayyar made BharOs.

Is BharOS based on Android?

It is developed on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

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