What Is Aestivation In Plants And Its 5 Type (Diagram)?

What is aestivation, Types of aestivation

Aestivation in plants refers to how the sepals and petals in a floral bud are arranged in relation to other members of the same whorl in plants. It specially describes the positioning and folding of sepals and petals or other floral parts in relation to each other. In plants it is also referred to as prefloration or pre floral aestivation.

Types Of Aestivation

The most common types of aestivation in plants are :

1. Valvate Aestivation

valvate aestivation diagram
valvate aestivation diagram

2. Twisted Aestivation

Twisted Aestivation diagram, perianth morphology
twisted aestivation diagram

In Twisted aestivation the sepals and petals are arranged in a spiral or helical manner, the members are arranged in such a manner that one of the margin of each member overlaps the other while the other margin is being overlapped by the previous one. Example : China Rose, Cotton and Lady Finger.

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3. Imbricate Aestivation

Imbricate Aestivation diagram

In Imbricate aestivation the sepals and the petals do not follow a fixed pattern, both the margins of some members will be overlapped, both the margins of some members overlapped others and in some members one of the margins will be overlapped. Example : This condition is present in Gulmohar and Caesia.

4. Vexillary Aestivation

Vexillary Aestivation

In Vexillary aestivation one of the petals on the posterior side is enlarged and is called standard or vexillum, two lateral petals called wings or alae and two small anterior which are fused together to form Keel or Carina. It is also known as Papilionaceous. Example : Pea and Beans.

5. Quincuncial Aestivation

Quincuncial Aestivation
Credit: Wikimedia Commons

In Quincuncial aestivation also known as quincuncial phyllotaxis, there are five petals or sepals in the bud, two petals are completely inner and two petals are completely outer and one is twisted. It is commonly observed in flowers of various plant families, including the Malvaceae (mallow family) and Rosaceae (rose family).

aestivation meaning in hindi


What do you mean by aestivation?

Arrangement of floral parts such as petals, sepals, or even leaflets within a flower bud before it opens.

What is Valvate aestivation Class 11?

Aestivation pattern in which the floral parts in the bud are overlapping but not twisted or folded, and they meet at the margins without any overlapping.

What is an example of Valvate aestivation in corolla?

Calotropis is an example.

What is twisted aestivation also called?

It is also called as contorted or convolute aestivation.

name two plants in which one has joined sepals and the other has separate sepals

Cotton has joined sepals and Rose has separated sepals.

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